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Fast money transfers from card to card

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Pay2You is an application for the financial sector, designed for transferring funds between user’s bank card or by phone number. Pay2You is an online service product for transferring money.
About the Project

The user’s account is linked with a phone number in Pay2You application. The application stores the history of transferring at this number. It is also possible to use an account with your Facebook account login. The user can carry out the transfer of funds by the recipient’s phone number, if you do not know the credit card number. In the same way you can get a transferring, by the phone number that was given. The main advantage of the application is that a special registration in the bank is not required.

Design Features

The application is designed for a wide user audience. The design is based on application category (financial) and usage scenarios. At the same time elaborated the visual identity of the product is focused on the micro-UX elements, which are important for user’s speed tasks execution.