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Mobile promo website for Paulig coffe brand

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Site for Paulig
About the company

Paulig Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of coffee. Paulig production can be found on the shelves of any market of the country.

About the Project

We created one more tool of Paulig for working on the Russian segment – adaptive website with products of the company.

About the Design

Our task was to take an existing site layout and transform it under mobile device. Nontrivial was the fact that when the primary site was created, ‘mobile first’ principles were not so relevant for e-commerce so that adaptation for mobile devices was not provided.

We created an adaptive website according to the user experience of Paulig customers. We worked out graphics according to the company’s brand-book. We added a unique unshaded icons, interactive elements; we landed a good readability of the pages, the ideal displaying of Paulig products on smartphone to make user experience at least equal to the use of the desktop version.

Mobile site for Paulig