Oblaka 10 Application English Self-taught on the IOS platform. At the heart of Oblaka 10 is author’s technique of learning from the leading specialists of Moscow State University.
About the Project

Oblaka 10 is a content application, whose mission is to replace the student tutoring and monitor learning outcomes: new levels and video will be available only after the perfect execution of the current task.

Design Features

The task is to motivate members to achieve results while working with the application. To do this we used in the screens an emotional design with different states of progress, as well as a quick access to the content downloading.

Reference letter from Gerhard Gessel, Oblaka.tv

App2World Studio has developed and implemented design for our application for studing English language Oblaka10 (ios, Appstore).

Studio works quickly and smoothly. Team consists of motivated professionals.

Gerhard Gessel, Oblaka.tv