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MyFun is a mobile application for finding interesting activities
About the Project

MyFun search and asks the user to visit the nearest events, in which his friends or acquaintances are involved. You can plan your leisure time and tell your friends about your plans, so that they can join you.

Design Features

The application easy navigation and work with information are carried out. A striking visual design with interactive elements motivates regular using of MyFun.


Animation for MyFun

In MyFun a variety of transitions between screens, navigation animation movements were created. With the help of this the App literally “comes alive” and “moves” in the hands of the user


Wow-effect due to the dynamics of movements and animations improves the usage experience and brings pleasure from the aesthetics of the task processing.


MyFun has a custom navigation, due to this the animated motility is used for easy user involvement in the application, creates intuitive use, which does not make mistakes.


In this example, the user scrolls the timeline of events. With sufficient scrolling banner is gradually dissolved and released more space for content viewing. This panel with selected events, friends and activities are numbered in a wizard in sight.


The timeline can also be further reacted with. Selected events in the timeline are highlighted in red, so the user will know what event he wants to watch.

More about the motility of applications can be found here.