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Socially oriented application for photographers and videographers

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Memoryon is a service for photographers, videographers, and their clients. Features: cloud file storage, user upgradeable portfolio and promotion in social networks.
Service Work

Web Part of MemoryOn is directed to professionals: photographers and videographers. The purpose of the web part is to organize the work of a specialist, facilitate the establishment of professional contacts. The following features: User profile, editable portfolio, projects organizing into albums, settings of photo publishing on social networks.
Mobile applications are designed for customers: they get access to your photo album (or video) directly into the smartphone with the ability to wirelessly view on all monitors, spread on social networks, keeping a copy in the cloud.


Design Features

First key service options were allocated, according to it the projecting and the interface design were made. Working out the mobile application on iOS iPhone launched in parallel with the late stage of the interface: were defined user characters, use cases. After the approval of the iPhone-application, design was ported to Android-smartphone with minimal changes. Additionally, we made selling page to increase the audience, while the project was being prepared for release.


Reference letter from MemoryOn

The Company MemoryOn led partnership with the App2World digital studio to work on a web service company and cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems. During the cooperation theere has been a large volume of work on the adaptive design of the user interface MemoryOn service. Also it was performed a full design and graphic design of mobile applications on iOS, followed by migration to Android. In addition, a corporate identity has been created, the logo and the foreign commercial service page.

MemoryOn recommends App2World company as a competent partner and professional in their specialization.

Alexander Nazarenko, CEO MemoryOn