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CityFalcon is free financial news aggregator for investors, based on the Twitter issue publications and financial media.
About the Project

CityFalcon equalizes access to financial news for all investors, regardless of their investment opportunities. The news aggregator of content is filtering on the network whether it belongs to the commercial information and shows publications and tweets relevant to user queries.

Design Features

The design of the complex interfaces has 2 features: aesthetics and simplicity of use. External interface aesthetics helps to increase the number of service users. Development of the using experience is of direct impact on simplicity: we get a logical, not an intricate system that meets user information expectations. Also the fragmentation of the design process is taken into account: at each stage of development a fragment of the interface was created (for example, a filter wizard, navigation bar and so on.). Therefore, from the very beginning, we were in the same style so that design completions in the later stages concerned only the aesthetics.



Reference letter from CityFalcon

On behalf of CityFalcon, I confirm that App2World has been providing us with UI/UX, design services since 2015. During this time, they have proved to be great experts in their field, diligent, punctual, and easy to communicate with. Their work helped us to grow our site during the last year.

I am happy to reccomend App2World as professionals in UI/UX and design, including mobile version.

Sinserely, Ruzbeh Bacha, Founder & CEO of CityFalcon