Collage Android application welcome cover

Collage+ – The application for Android with the full content for creating a collage.
About Application

Simple and fast tool with blanks to create unique collages of the user’s photos.

About the design

Concised design, because the application content itself is bright enough. Collage+ has a spectacular motility, with fairly simple implementation. The app is linked to other projects of the KvadGroupcompany : Photostudio and Camera+.

Reference letter from KVADGroup

App2World company is performer of interface design and user experience at the same time for four products (mobile Apps) on Android platform.

At the moment App2World experts are engaged in the design process and following visual design, design support and preparing design updates for our mobile Apps, and also creating design-products for marketing.

KVADGroup company recommends App2World company as thepartner to rely on and the responsible executor on all kinds of design works in mobile App field.

Vyacheslav Pilguy, CTO KVADGroup