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Clip Studio is a Photo Editor app, for Android OS. The main idea is to create a slideshow of user’s photos. Besides a variety of effects are applied to a photo. All additional options are to come from the main features of the application.
About the Project

ClipStudio allows you to edit a photo with your phone and install them in a small clip, which you can share with your friends on social networks or instant messengers. In turn, the application has content that facilitates the user the process of creating clips, making them aesthetically pleasing and stylish.

About the Design

Design tasks: first, to design the interface so that the editing process was very fast: such work, it makes sense to place in the network, as long as they are relevant. Secondly, using the UI-elements to create additional opportunities for the user to distribute their slideshow. Thirdly – to motivate users to download content from the company-developer.