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CardioQvark is a cardiomonitor on iOS that takes ECG

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About the Project

Cardiomonitor CardioQvark is an iOS App, that makes the interaction between doctor and patient as easy as it possible without exhausting operations and frequent visits. The doctor receives all the mesurements important to make an assumption of patient’s health status.

Design Features

We got the task to redesign the application for doctors.
CardioQvark for doctors is overloaded with information: indicators of health of the patient, the notification tags, notes, made by patient about his health.
With such an array of the displayed data it is easy to miss something important and do not react in time. Therefore, the redesign of the task is to simplify the interface for understanding and quick response. The physician must quickly assess the patient’s condition and react – send the recommendation by email. First of all colors have been simplified: was reduced the quantity and value. Next – redrawn graphics screens with the aim to add more contrast between the UI-elements. The elements themself are in order of user’s priority.