Avatars by KVADGroup
About the Project

Avatars App is a type of Custom Camera for Android. The primary user scenario for the application is the creation of avatars for social networks right in the photo mode. For this, Avatars contains content that is ready to be used on top of the photo.

About the Design

Avatars made with a minimum amount of control that provides an easy and very fast execution of tasks in the application. Editor images of dark color, as it is used in such cases, and other sections of the application – with light theme and design within the Material design. As elaborated mikroanimatsiya movements. With a minimum number of components, it adds to the sense of design harmony and simplicity.

To display the content there is a small editor, where you can adjust the intensity of the applied effects and filters. Immediately after saving the instantaneous publication of content in social networks is available. This is a second user scenario – when the image is set as the photo account, and placed in a conventional recording newswire.

Placing the image as an avatar directly from the function menu is not yet supported by all Messager and social networks, so Avatars provided point to the ready user experience folder.

Fonts and colors




UX map






Reference letter from KVADGroup

App2World company is performer of interface design and user experience at the same time for four products (mobile Apps) on Android platform.

At the moment App2World experts are engaged in the design process and following visual design, design support and preparing design updates for our mobile Apps, and also creating design-products for marketing.

KVADGroup company recommends App2World company as the partner to rely on and the responsible executor on all kinds of design works in mobile Apps field.

Vyacheslav Pilguy, CTO KVADGroup