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UX-design interfaces

Interaction design

Sites dashboards, console for developers, control panels and other complex interfaces.

UX-interface designer tasks ares much wider than the visual solutions and they include the following:

  • Designing of information and visual interface structure, the creation of navigation between pages, sections, and – within the pages.
  • Creation of interaction between service and user by means of interface.
  • Visual interaction design: facilitating the user experience through visual solutions.
  • A single functionality interface for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Developing of flexible design solutions for convenient work with the interface on all available devices.

Informational Architecture of the site/service defines an informational logic, construction of the whole site / interface and compliance of all its pages, sections with this logic. The architecture for maximum takes into account information user expectations, tasks, actions associated with the error, gradual and non-intrusive user interface training.

Prototyping is performed after or together with the development of the information architecture of the service / site. We create dynamic prototypes with demonstration of the basic functionality, transitions between pages and navigation. In the prototype the structure of standard pages, and user interaction with each page is also worked out.

Responsive interface is fully adjusted to the dimensions of the browser.

When designing the Responsive interface it is used a single layaut, blocks of which are rearranged depending on the device, and during the development HTML5 / CSS3, UI-library JQuery and minimally – JS are applied.

Adaptive layout design contains several layouts specifically for each screen resolution and, therefore, it is widely used JS, because some elements need to be hidden and some are shown.

We delivery standart package of source files:
  • Sourse files ( Psd, Ai, Eps.)
  • UX-card
  • Patterns of UI elements are on request