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UI-interfaces design

Visual brand identitification on the site.

Interface design includes solutions of colors, shapes, background images, which are under the brand identity or corporate identity of the company.

Visual design of microinteractions is performed by creating a micro-UI elements.

Micro-UI is secondary elements of a smaller size interface relative to the main one, which carry additional information about the ongoing activities. For example, switching accounts in Android-application the Inbox displayed as a choice between two user’s photos of each profile. In the same application there is a micro- gestures – quick letter deleting.

Animation makes an interface more intuitive and can even specify some details of the design. An example of successful animation usage for interaction is design-concept of Material design from Google.

Animation shows the reaction of the interface on the vernal command from the user: press, click, gesture. The animation shows how the machine accepted the command and confirms its accuracy. For example, the element deliquescent circles in Android material suggests that a click/press happened and now commands are performing – will be opened the post on Facebook, start a music track, and so on.

Animation creates a responsive interface, teaches the user, generates his information waitings on work with the interface or application.

Also, animation combines several elements in the same context. As a result, the user understands that these elements may be involved in one operation, and focuses attention on them. Therefore, the animation is often used in primary submersion ot the user and interface promotes storing stroke action to accomplish the task.

Animation lets you save space on the screen and beat it nice: static element can hold the whole taskbar and open it only on-demand of user – pressing or click.

The princip of mobile first: first think how the interface will look and behave on a mobile device:

  • in the first place – we show the importance of the content to the user;
  • Mobile devices are used in areas with different connection quality, so the design and implementation should focus on optimizing for the mobile Internet;
  • User-friendly interface for navigation in a mobile device;
  • correct use of screen space;
  • reducing the user time to perform a task or content production.

Interactive interface types, whose behavior indicates to the user the next action – these are wizards (wizard is a guide).

The need for wizards occurs when the user needs to achieve a specific purpose (eg, correctly fill out the profile on the site) must make a number of settings. The user himself can not cope with the task, because he does not know what data is needed for the system to work correctly. Therefore wizard “leads” him along the task, consistently showing the screen behind the screen, in which is needed to perform the action. The sequence of actions and a set of options for them are determined by the UX-designer, and UI-designer uses graphics and animations to make this interaction understandable, easy, and what is the most important – successful.

The knowledge of design implementation helps to prevent difficulties in development and contributes to the normal communication between teams of designers and developers.

We offer only unique design solutions, but with an eye to the possibility of their embodiment without functionality sacrificing, page loading and ease of use.

standard package of source files under web-development
  • Source files ( Psd, Ai, Eps.)
  • UX-card
  • Patterns of UI elements are on request

What is not included in standard package

In stantard package are not included such services as design-support, marketing kit implementation.