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Иконка appleanroid iconUX-design of Mobile Applications

User Experience Design. At the initial stage in the application are laid all its main scenarios of interaction with the person (user cases) and are determined by the respective screens, their status, elements and navigation.
The result of UX-design is the applications architecture and prototypes of screens, ready to work on the visual component.

To determine the interaction of scenarios (user cases) it is often required a generalized portrait of the user, which includes: social status, gender, region of residence, lifestyle, purpose of use of the application, personal habits or traditions, etc.

Prototyping is a schematic arrangement of all necessary application elements on the screen, which allows you to:

  • speed up the design process and reduce design costs;
  • avoid the ambiguous user experience elements;
  • prioritize the key elements;
  • choose the best option and finalize the decision at an early stage.
UX- card – card is an important part of the documentation for developers. It allows you to understand the logic and sequence of pages in all applications, but also contains all the valid states of mobile application screens.