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Иконка appleИконка androidUsability testing of interfaces and mobile applications

Creation of a focus groups to test the interface or mobile app. Selection of respondents, respectively, with the psychological portrait of the user, composed in step of UX-design. Fixing and processing of results.

Usability – convenience in usage of anything. In everyday life people work with different devices, convenience in usage of which often determines the commercial performance of their producers. For example, choosing a vacuum cleaner for home, the buyer is interested in the number of options, equipment, ergonomics, service availability, and only then decide how many of it he can afford.

It is the same pattern of behavior with interfaces and mobile applications. The user looks at a variety of available content, features and design. But the main thing is that he expects he can immediately and without errors fulfill his tasks. This interaction is called intuitively evident. In mobile applications, besides intuitiveness elements ergonomics is important, especially if the user has to deal with non-standard operating system for navigation.

Data usability testing includes the following information:

  • involvement (how fast user adapts to the new interface)
  • application functions that are used in the first place;
  • user speed of adaptation to innovation;
  • typical user errors while using the application / interface;
  • usability and navigation elements;
  • clarity and logic of the application to the user.

After processing the data of usability testing and technical documentation on the design correcting and functionality of the mobile application or interface for further usage. According to the result of appliance such parameters must be met:

  • User successfully and in a short time performed a basic application / interface tasks (for example: the purchase, request, search, transfer of funds, planning, etc.).
  • The intuitively evident interface. The user does not need to have additional knowledge to use it.