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UI-design of applications on iOS and Android

Embodiment of complex visual solutions in the interface and navigation for mobile iOS/Android applications.

Process Description

UI (User Interface design) – is proximately the visual design of the user interface, through which the input and output information is made. The mobile application is also a user interface.

Based on the developed UX-prototyping and Brand Book of company the main application screen is made. It worked out the visual style of the application taking into account the UI-design guidelines iOS and Android. The primary design of the main screen and some of them working with him in tandem is also possible to achieve a full understanding of the task.

Then UI-design goes through several iterations based on the projected development of the application. The main task is to touch on all the states of the screens, to plan and to show navigation, gestures for it.

Parallel is running apps gamefication: is creating an animation, motion elements, sound and vibration of events and thematic starting wizards, start-up screen.

UI-documentation for developers

  • UI-kit is apossible states.
  • Slicing graphica library of internal mobile application icons is provided.
  • GUI-document indstyles, size touch-areas, indents, elements behavior and etc.).
  • The original images
  • Home icon in the three formats for all cases of its use.