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UI-kit (User Interface kit) – a set of functional elements, which are dealed primarily by the user that defines the style, aesthetics and even products premiality.

First of all, for the UI-kit application it is:

  • A visual implementation of application functions;
  • A trended user interface;
  • An opportunity of partial application design renewal by replacing obsolete UI-kit elements on more relevant.

Also, UI-kit is a set of parts of the user interface, which allows to implement all the functionality of the design ideas, customize the project, i.e. to adapt it exactly for the target consumer. UI-kit is a kind of accessories that give the general appearance of the application completeness and uniqueness, a single unique style and harmony with the operating system interface.

UI-kit is a kind of “brand book applications.” It includes all the dynamic elements (buttons, radio buttons, list items, the system (internal) icons, checkboxes, and so on.) and input fields in all conditions that can occur when working with the application. The states may be different, for example, active / inactive, error, success of the action, return, progress, etc. Therefore, there can be some display options of the only one button.

For convenience, all these images are collected in one file.

UI-kit package is used as:

  • working set to accelerate the development of mobile interface design;
  • quick editing application prototypes;
  • prototype part that can be edited (replaced, swapped);
  • base for slicing graphics.

In practice, the designer creates the first prototype of the application screen and then prepares and draw up a set of UI-kit. Then you can collect all other application prototypes, modifying the graphic design and evaluate the interim results.

This service is included in our standard package, but can be considered separately, and if we are already working on your mobile project earlier.

By results of work will be prepared (as part of the package or file separately) graphic file with unique images of well-developed internal application elements.