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Supporting of the mobile application design after the release. Development and partial redesign of screens, application elements for iOS, Android.

The visual updating of the user mobile application interface elements is necessary in case of releasing an operating system version with a new design, otherwise the current design will look outdated.

After all the trends of design interfaces and mobile applications should be taken into account: for marketing purposes it would not be out of place to update the UI in accordance with users expectations.

At this level, there occurs an interference, not only in appearance, but also in the structure of the application. Adding of new features to the application leads to the emergence of new screens, notifications, UI elements and processing at least two adjacent screens. Sometimes, to add at least one new button, it is necessary to change the application UX-card and redo several screens.

The result of the project design support:

  • timeless design of the interface or mobile application;
  • opportunity to meet needs of your digital-product users in a best way;
  • timely release of updates on the design and functionality;
  • new elements do not differ in style from the current;
  • developers consultancy.