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Иконка appleИконка androidAuthor’s supervision of the development

UX-tracking the process of mobile application development.
The correct behavior of the elements and displaying screens on different mobile devices.
The final result in the release does not differ from the approved layout.

Testing for compliance with standards for GUI Apple and Google during the development of mobile application. Release verification for compliance with the original layout application.

The result of verification the product looks and functions as approved by the customer in the design layouts.

Preparation of necessary files and documentation for the development of:

  • UI-kit,
  • cutting graphics;
  • application UX-card;
  • GUI-document with examples of the main screens;
  • editable source files in Psd, Ai, Eps formats;
  • font package;
  • application icon in the required sizes.
Consultancy of the development is available to all queries relating to layouts and documentation, specifications operating systems, layouts setting, element behaviors, animation.

  • provide all the necessary information about the behavior of an element;
  • supporting documents and сonsultancy on the correct development of the application design, and on the use of effects;
  • refinement of indent “rubber” elements, font usage and other information.
The results of the author’s support

As a result, copyright tracking the mobile application in the release does not differ from accepted in the layout. Developers during the process have access to interaction with the design team to be consulted on all matters concerning the layout, behavior of the user interface, animated moves.