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Slicing graphics

In order to “collect” the mobile application of the graphic layouts in full working product, the graphics should be sliced; it means that each element is to be cut as a separate file. The whole visual realization of mobile applications depends on correctly performed slicing, and the result – a beautiful and well-coordinated work of the finished digital product.

Slicing graphics is a necessary procedure, unloved by developers, so they are forced to use for work completely strange for their profession tools and means. Therefore, while completing the work on the project, our designers give to the developers completely sliced graphics with the accompanying documentation. Any developer, while opening our source files can immediately start to fulfill their tasks.

Slicing graphics is performed taking into account all the design peculiarities of top devices screens. Our graphics is adapted to the largest possible resolution and pixel density. Also flexibility is taken into account, which is especially important for the Android applications.

Running graphics slicing is not necessary to order additory. This service is an internal standard App2World projects implementation.

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