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Иконка appleИконка androidScreenshots and Marketing kit for mobile applications

The Marketing kit includes all design works for makrketing purposes of your project: screenshots, artworks for market pages , promo-pages, visual identity

The purpose of the promo page screenshots is to show possible situations of use, including non-obvious ones with text description or name.

The user can immediately estimate how the app will look on the device.

Two first screenshots are of a great importance: the user rarely looks every of them, so the first and subsequent must contain a maximum of necessary information and sufficient motivation for downloading the app. Also it is important thematic environment: for one audience it is enough a beautiful wow-image to another is to show benefit sufficient, for the third is to show the uniqueness of the application, etc.

There are several technical nuances when working on these screenshots. For example, they are rarely looked through the Web, so the image must be readeble on one screen of the device. There are also the guidelines on placement and design of screenshots from the AppStore and GooglePlay. For mismatch the account of the application may be banned.

Promo page in the store has design elements: the cover application page itself cover page of the developer, the image application icons. Covers are usually carried out in the form of artwork – graphic concepts, expressing the idea of the application, the company’s mission.

In addition to a set of promotional pages it is usually needed: banners (to be placed inside the application, for targeting), Landing page and other graphics.

Application icon is included in the standard package of works on the mobile application. The rest of the marketing kit and screenshots are carried out for the company’s customers in the framework of the additional services on the project.