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Application Design porting: phone/tablet

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icon appleИконка androidPorting of applications design from the phone to the tablet

Adaptation of design elements for use on the tablet. Easy application on all types of devices.

Smartphones and tablets have different purposes, they differ by hardware characteristics, mobile application design features. Hence there is a different design for the same application. For high-quality playback is recommended to develop a graphics package screens specifically for tablets.

Properly ported to the tablet app is visually hardly differ from the “smartphone”. The user can install the application on their mobile device and run without changing habits.

Smartphones and tablets differ by screen parameters affecting the quality of display graphics. Most smartphones and phablets have a monitor with the diagonal of not more than 5.7 ‘. Tablets Screens range in size from 7’ to 10’ or more.

The difference between the ranges of smartphones and tablets leads to an importance to change elements place, adapt graphic elements so as to avoid loss of image quality. Otherwise, the system does not find the desired image files, will perform the zoom of that are available with the effect of “smearing”.

Smartphone is universal device, and the tablet is used more for the work that you can take with you, view multimedia and surf the net. The tablet is larger than the smartphone and displays more content in a single screen. It is much easier to view presentations, editing text documents, reading books.

The large size adds space that you need to implement. Also, the functionality of smartphones and tablets is of different ergonomics. The smartphone is more intended for one-handed operation, the tablet – two. This means that the application screen templates should be modified due to the characteristics of the other device.

When you rotate the device an applications layout changes: graphical elements may regroup or increase. The tablet is usually runned horizontally, smartphone – vertically. To make this process perform correctly, the application should have an appropriate graphics set.