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Application Landing page for an app

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Landing page for the mobile application

Landing page for mobile applicationis a base of real users subscribers, receiving feedbacks, complete visual expression. Preparing of marketing kit, in particular a Landing page for mobile application is performed in addition to the project, but out of the standard mobile application work package.

The Generation of the Audience
Landing page forms the targeted audience to mobile app release.
It differs from the promotional page in the Market. The company also receives a subscriber base of contacts for future promotions.
For landing pages we perform the following works: writing texts and prototyping page layout, layout design. You can change the page according to the results on its test marketing (partial redesign, texts or other variant).
Landing page gives more abilities for visualization and design, has no content restrictions, as a promotional page on the Market.
Landing Design is also not limited. It can be emotional design for subscriber data acquisition, promotions; page in the style of the company. We can prepare and carry out any visualization into page design.
Landing can be a platform for feedbacks on the application and users interaction.
Apk beta-version of the application can be placed on the landing page in order to get feedback from real users. Feedbacks can be used with the aim of improving the application before the official release. Also the own landing page essentially facilitates the processing of negative comments: firstly, they will not be in the store, and secondly – they can be administered, thirdly – to use, releasing an update corresponding to the user request.
Landing allows you to place a link for downloading the application.
On your promotional page you completely put the reader in the information context. Unlike Market promotional page, the user will not have alternative variants to choose from other applications.
Traffic Search
Landing page in conjunction with a customized contextual advertising is to attract additional traffic to the main site of the company.
Landing is a nice move to return existing users and attract new ones. Besides lead generation, you pay extra attention to your company and realized products.