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Иконка appleUI-design for iPhone

iPhone is a device that changed the world of mobile interfaces, design, development, and has become a cult for millions of users.

The main problem faced by companies in the development of mobile applications for the iPhone: iOS specifications are not clear guideline to action, such as in Android, but are advisory in nature. However, compliance with the specifications in the design is very important and the team, creating a product, is aware of this at the design stage, when changes in design are becoming too costly.

The usual practice in ‘digital’ is when planning mobile applications on multiple operating systems in the first place the work begins on the iPhone-application, and then – porting of the developed UX / UI- design specifications on other platforms.

On the iPhone are oriented digital-players of the premium segment. This is mainly determined by the design and the relatively higher value of using Apple services.
iOS, throughout the history of its existence, sets the tone and trends in the design of applications for mobile devices. Commercial success of the iPhone was not only due to the touch-screen, camera and high power, but also the revolutionary user experience of smartphone and operating system.

Mobile application for iPhone should correspond to the level of design and functionality that requires the operating system iOS.
Application Icons for iPhone were one of the first in the world to get a visual design and graphic design standards for the system, promo page, web.

iPhone remains to be one of the most popular devices in the world. This smartphone is the basic functional unit in the iOS ecosystem: for example, only through it wearable Internet devices operate. iPhone is first to receive OS updates in design and functionality. Also iPhone is a versatile Apple product designed to the average user for the demand and availability.

The Apple carries out in its smartphone technologies, which does not expire for a long time, and the old version of the devices that are suitable for use, become old-school accessories.

iPhone users is a separate target group for marketers, which owns its own system of values and personal qualities. Marketing campaigns that are designed for iPhone users, tailored to the available services and iOS ecosystem features.