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Application Interface textes

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Microtext interfaces and texts for a site

Microtext – is any text up to 200 letters with spaces.
In marketing, the goal of this text is the direct contact sale. The interface is the User support in the tasks performance.

Interfaces microtexts
Tasks for which you cannot hire a copywriter at the exchange.
Writing internal textsб interfaces, mobile applications: Pages ‘About’, displays with a zero status (empty), notifications, loading screens, naming elements.
Microtext is a part of usability
Microtext forms the context of use.
To interface Microtext are included such elements as, for example, the button label, guidance pop-up text, the name of the form. This text provides the maximum level of interaction and understanding of the interface, creates and refines the context of the custom task implementation.
The text for the Landing, promotional pages
Commercial selling texts for pages and sites
Writing of commercial and advertising texts for application promotional page in their own store or Landing page for promoting service / mobile applications.
The purposes of these texts are as follows: the user can focus on the description text of the mobile application if it is not clear whether the application fits into his main query in the search.

Design of the selling page is performed by its commercial text and key visual image. Also, the text affects the formation of user needs in product and lead generation.

Information Texts
Instructions for Use, the User Agreement and other accompanying textual content interfaces.

Information text keeps the user from access to the offline (phone calls, visits) and the termination of the interaction (when the problem is not clear, and it is easier to close the page). The commercial value of such texts is reducing the load on the customer support department and the overall high customer loyalty.

Interface Localization
Interface Localization under the Ukrainian, Russian, English.
Correcting inaccuracies of automatic text translation to improve the user experience.

Editing texts directly in the prototype or after the release of the mobile application, interface for small errors, inaccuracies, which will inevitably be at the stage of visual design or programming.