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Animated Mobile Application

Mobile app animation is a displaying of correct work, help in the use and additory involvement by realistic motility elements. Visually, the app with good animation looks full and completed quality product.

Application animation is an additional service that is not included to the standard package, and is performed on request.

At the stage of prototyping a possible motion is placed, while the layout is static. Next stage is consultancy on the animation on the subject where to place the movable elements, how many seconds are given to the motion, etc. In the process of UI-design layouts of screens with gif-animation are made.

The Purpose of Animation

The original purpose of the craft interface is to respond and confirm the commands entered by the user. For example:

  • to confirm the pressing,
  • to show the process of the task,
  • to explain what is happening in the application,,
  • to suggest the following action.

The motility of the mobile application helps to achieve a good level of user experience increases the perception of an application and tactile sensations. In other words, it makes an interface as simple as possible, clear, comfortable, and moreover, involving.

Animation generates users’ habits. Accustom people to a certain behavior of the application, it is possible to further simplify the design and add new features.
The versatile interface is motivated to return to it ones more, sometimes even without a specific purpose – to twist in hands. Herewith, the user is open to interact with the content and the company: downloads, scans, generates content, leaves feedbacks and etc.

The space of mobile devices screens is limited by their size. Due to the elements that are hidden, you can get additional free space. Animation will fit nicely these movements in the overall concept of the application.

Animation in Action
At the touch the animation is more beautiful than in word: you touch the screen and it reacts with light and movement. The process is pleasant itself, it seems that your hands can work wonders. This is the effect of full human interaction and application.
With an animation application “knows” such actions as acceleration and motion sequence; movement trajectory; imitation of the material (expression of the object “hardness” in its compression rate); focusing on the subject; smooth glide; folding and foldovering of elements; deployment of pages; scaling; turn; parallax effect (one element “zooms in” on the other); appearance / disappearance; reduction in transparency.
Compliance with the standard behavior of the OS
The complexity of the animation implementation is also depends on the platform. For example, the animations on iOS is easier to do, and design looks cool thanks to the Retina-display and hardware capabilities.
For each mobile platform, there are the guidelines for development and adding the animation. It is done to ensure that all third-party design solutions fit well into the system and looks natively (i.e., in the same visual space with the operating system design).
Actions Clarity
Animation confirms that the application responds to an external command.
The user must understand what action takes place and what led to it. For example, clicking on the button, one sees how it travels with the menu. This means that he has caused this particular menu button, and not another. The app responds to touch and gives aesthetic result.