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App2World Company offers business assistance in the full realization and maintenance of digital-projects: mobile applications, services. Our specialization - the necessary design expertises: design, visual design, as well as usability and analytics.

Service Areas:

  • design applications for iOS and Android devices;
  • adaptive interfaces for front-end.

Work Principles


Step by step execution reduces costs and allows to control the project progress better and stay within budget. Customization in the application functionality is better to make on the design stage and to optimize costs.

Rational terms

A reasonable approach to deadlines. Proper preparation for the development of the file greatly reduces its time limits, as developers are not engaged in secondary graphic tasks.

Fast Promotion

Having the design and capability information of the application (as well as an idea of ​​how it will work), you can begin to promote it. At the time of finishing the application development, your product will have already formed loyal audience of potential customers.

Our Advantages for Сompanies

In our competence is to develop a new digital-product, either alone or as part of an existing service:
  • drawing portraits of target users;
  • study of use cases, determining the use of the environment;
  • necessary set of functionality for the product’s start;
  • initial prototyping of user interfaces and / or mobile applications;
  • working out product’s identity and marketing design;
  • content development;
  • gradual improvement and product elaboration in accordance with the expectations of the end user.
It is worth to note separately the design integration with other digital-products of the company and the preservation of the corporate aesthetics and visual identification.
Полный редизайн существующего продукта под новые требования бизнеса, в частности:
  • testing interface / mobile application and analytics;
  • design adjustments according to insights;
  • changing of service architecture, the structure of the existing partitions, navigation;
  • correcting design errors that have accumulated as a result of the introduction of temporary or test solutions;
  • new visual design;
  • improving of user experience pages, separate units.
This category includes the following tasks:
  • marketing design products (selling pages, home pages, artboards, banners, etc.);
  • training updates (pages design inside services, redesign of individual pages, and so on.);
  • UI-tasks (creation and preparing for the development separate elements of the interface / mobile applications);
  • creation of the content (text, graphics);

Happy clients

About our customers

Each our client is our partner, because we do not manage projects as it is our work, but we take care of them like they are our own. We have great partners.

Most of them come from the markets of the CIS, Europe. We have partnered with start ups that became ‘the top’ and big companies that were already well known.

It is always a challenge but we are happy to find perfect solutions, so that’s the main reason why we are chosen.

We provide solutions that open up new possibilities.

Over the years, turned to us for help individuals and legal entities, including the well-known person and company. We appreciate the trust – it’s worth it.

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Our Experience in industrials

We’ve experienced in medical sphere very successfully, so we can easily deal with it.
This field is so popular that is is always difficult to find best solution but we do!
We are proud to have in our portfolio such kind of works, because it is always a challenge.
We make every app cutting edge so that it could always be in the ‘top’.
Web for brands
It is always a great responsibility to work with big corporations, but such kind of works are also our pride.
Big Data
We develop design solutions for Business Process Automation products, Big data and Cloud Solutions.



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