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Outsourcing of mobile application Design and Development to experienced Partner

App2World works with all businesses types on development, implementation and support of digital-product. We are working with product companies, including – startups, advertising agencies, developers of mobile products, web services. Every cooperation has its own specifics and objectives.

icon businessHow App2World can be useful for companies

We often hear the question: why companies who have their own designers, are looking for outsource professionals? There are several reasons. The first is a banal lack of staff. All specialists cannot be involved into, especially when you one, maximum – two projects to develop. You may need a special professional who is engaged in different kinds of digital. The second point is the professional tendency to narrow specializations. For example, Android-designers are working on the world market, iOS-designers, specialize only on one platform, or designers working with mobile applications only. It’s explained by the rapid development of User Experience technology, interfaces and mobile platforms. The third point is that only designers can understand – as long you stay long on the same project, running out of ideas and new solutions it’s better to draw them from the side. Fourth – designers are overloaded by current projects when developing new products, this requires additional team. Fifth – is a strong portfolio of outsourced technologies or types of mobile applications in which company’s interested in. For example, work on several successful all-in-one applications to attract new cooperation, as customers see that performers already competent in what they need. For companies, we carry out a full cycle of design works:
  • Development, testing and start of a digital-product.
  • Design support and product development.
  • Redesign and improvement of the minimum viable product.
  • Design related marketing materials.
  • Supporting the development process and consultation.
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icon startupWhat we can do for startups

The specifics of start-ups - in constant search of investment, putting feelers out working business model, continuous testing and getting hard knocks. We can make the whole process less painful more intensive and effective. Our company works with a number of start-ups on a regular basis and can offer the following for your new start-up clients the following:
  • Working out ideas for the functionality of the minimum working model.
  • Working in kanban system.
  • Start of digital-product.
  • Bringing the design of individual interface sections to a common unity.
  • Improved User Experience.
  • Supporting of the development process, monitoring the correct implementation of functionality.
  • Development of accompanying design products for marketing.
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icon advertisingWhat advertising agencies receive

For advertising agencies App2World company offers a partnership for outsourcing the design of mobile applications and the development of adaptive interfaces. In our portfolio there is a lot of work carried out in cooperation with advertising agencies, so it means an experience of the interaction between the teams: process construction, layouts control, ability to work in a hard timing, consider the views of several parties / specialists working in the same project.
  • We are reliable freelance professionals and salaried employees, inasmuch we can perform any design work: a front-end, and marketing.
  • We have experts in the development of the text and graphic content.
  • We are able to work within strict deadlines and requirements in any budgeting systems, so the work is brought to completion.
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icon developOpportunities for The Developers with App2World

Our company has established very close cooperation with developers, because, in fact, in the project we have jointly engaged in different parts of the same mechanism. In working with App2World you will find mutual understanding and the most rapid response to your queries.
  • Design, based on a simple and intuitive system interaction and human.
  • Development of UX application, interface.
  • Preparing specifications for design implementation, knowledge (and support) of the mobile platforms specifications.
  • Assistance in dealing with the marketing of products for mobile applications services.
  • Analysis of usability and help in improving the user experience.
  • Openness to all models of cooperation.
  • Beautiful mobile applications placed in its place a functional and motility steep movements.
Advantages of cooperation with us to Developers