Do you want to become a part of App2World team?

The general condition for all is a fanatical attitude to the profession.
Each work is better, more interesting and brighter than the previous one. Many customers have become our friends. It is nice when people trust us, and we, in turn, keep on pushing to our limit. We specialize in modern, visually attractive, functional technologies in the creation of Web-services and applications. While creating them, we are motivated by the latest trends in web design, we follow the developments in this area. We can afford to be proud of every our project.

Product designer

Product designer Our team needs a specialist who knows how…

Product designer

Our team needs a specialist who knows how to create and carry out any modern digital product.


  • strategic decision-making in the digital-products development of company’s customers;
  • full support of the product design process and responsibility for it;
  • development of business processes;
  • understanding of work principles by specialists in related fields;
  • data analysis and requirements;


  • UX / UI design of mobile applications, interfaces;
  • interaction design for websites, interfaces, mobile applications;
  • knowledge of user behavior patterns and habits of the interaction, the ability to apply them;
  • skills in data analytics, processing of metrics;
  • 3+ years experience in the development of digital products is always with the presence of the portfolio.
Experienced Mobile UX Designer

Experienced Mobile UX Designer Good product is primarily one that…

Experienced Mobile UX Designer

Good product is primarily one that is convenient to use. App2World welcomes the approach to design that focuses on the needs and expectations of people. We design mobile applications so that users had no problems working with them. To consistently achieve this goal, each new project, we need a ‘guru’ on interaction with a mobile application.


  • designing of user interaction with the mobile app;
  • creation of navigation applications;
  • construction of logic, mechanics and architecture design;
  • drawing up the specifications.


  • experience in User Experience design from 3+ years;
  • Presence of project portfolio, among the tasks of which are UX-works and prototyping;
  • design tools and prototyping knowledge;
  • knowledge of user habits, behavioral factors;
  • knowledge of the specifications for the design of iOS / Android mobile applications;
  • understanding of the mobile application development principles;
  • knowledge of design tools and design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Axure, etc).
Experienced Mobile UI Designer

App2World Company develops digital, which makes people’s life easier, brighter and more interesting and inspires other specialists. The constant pursuit of such an outcome is our team members peculiarity. At the UI-designer we put the most crucial part of the work – visual. On visual results, users estimate the whole work, they also attract and motivate to use a mobile application. Therefore, we invite a relevant specialist.

Experienced Mobile UI Designer


  • Development of visual solutions for mobile applications (iOS / Android), focused on the users’ needs;
  • The implementation of non-standard options applications with the help of UI-design;
  • Art direction of mobile application during the whole project;
  • Marketing design in mobile app;
  • Gamefication of mobile applications, the development of animation effects to facilitate interaction.


  • knowledge and ability to apply the basics of User Experience;
  • knowledge of the specifications for the design of applications for operating iOS/Android systems;
  • knowledge of the mechanics of animation and gamefication of mobile applications;
  • the ability to prepare specifications for mobile application developers;
  • possession of visual interaction design language for mobile applications;
  • knowledge iconography, typography, color interactions;
  • knowledge of full design tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Axure, etc;
  • design management skills;
  • pro-activity and self-organization.

Required experience:

  • 3+ years in the design of mobile applications;
  • portfolio of completed projects on the mobile applications design;
  • experience in the design of related specializations will be a benefit.