Information architecture OR How UX-mapping saves application and business

30 December 2016

Any wonderful mobile application project may fall into the trap of ideas. If from a variety of good, relevant solutions strange results are obtained – sucks!

UX-mapping will help to bail out

UX-mapping is a visual map of your application. Build it and you’ll realize what you need to take to eventually significantly increase the number of downloads and regular users.

UX-mapping will prevent or solve problems related to general functionality and building applications and at the same time make will make it clear in use. Simple mobile app has more positive reviews.

Put your soul into your project and your customers will appreciate it .

Show the app to others

Fresh perspective never hurts. You have worked as much time and built a labyrinth, from which it is more and more difficult to find a way out. Show the project to the UX-designer. Now only he can understand you and find a solution to the key functions of the application.

Define project tasks

Decide which tasks solves application for your company. This is an opportunity to drop out the superfluous and stay at home, as well as to understand for yourself what related projects are needed for the application.

Mapping will depend on what actions you expect from the user. However, the application must bear a your idea, you want to discover the world. Make it so that users can also imbued by it.

Understand your users

First of all you will be able to define their requirements and custom application. Focus on the user logic. So, what do you well understand themselves, to be understood and your customer, but it is on a different level. UX-map will help you cut off all the excess and leave the possible favorite users.

The structure defines the interaction

UX-mapping will help to create a logical sequence of pages of the application. You will see the general scheme of the whole mechanism, and finally will understand how it works. Then you get to understand that the draft too much, and that, on the contrary, – to add. And the main thing – to know exactly what application finally happen and your client will interact with it.

Information architecture

When you see the architecture of the application, you can build an information architecture. Firstly, this is a step to a clear application. Secondly, you will be able to captivate the user to interact with the application. Thirdly, you will have an idea of what to write on a Landing page, while the project is still in development.
Organize information and the ability to prioritize. Home information should be available in the first place. The key user actions should push content.

Think about content

More at the intermediate stage, you will understand what content you want to use for your application and will be able to proceed to its preparation. Use unique content. It is several times more efficient because:

  • you nor for anyone not repeat, and so interesting;
  • unique content will surely be viewed;
  • so actively share content on social networks;
  • This respect for the users;
  • This kind of contact with customers.

Check it out and you will like.

Be quiet for interface

Performing prototyping – an important aspect for cooperation, which will affect the success of the application. In any event, the professional development of prototypes is more profitable than making corrections during the development phase.

One more time to analyze

Now you can look at the structure of the application in the “before and after”. Think about what ideas should be reserved to the next project. And forward to work on!

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