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24 January 2017

Customer Experience Strategy, In everyday life, for example, when you enter the store, you pay attention to everything: the quality and variety of goods, the smile of the seller, his professionalism, interior decoration, ease of calculation and delivery. To make the current and future purchases, you need to arrange all the parameters. This is the Customer Experience.

Positive Customer Experience Strategy

CX (or Customer Experience) Strategy  it is also a methodology, which deals with the involvement and interaction with the regular customers of the company.
In practice, it is a sum of impressions, which the buyer receives from:

  • the buying process;
  • interaction with the supplier of goods/services;
  • interaction with the product during the purchase and using;
  • on subsequent addressing to the product/service provider.

Positive customer experience includes:

  • the original concept of the brand;
  • excellent quality of the product (goods or services);
  • easy and enjoyable process of their acquisition;
  • positive experience of using the product/service after purchase (usability);
  • constant and pleasant interaction with the supplier of the product (advertising campaigns, technical support, chat, etc…);
  • a good reputation and reviews about the product or company.

That’s only what the company must do to create an audience of regular customers.

Research and development of CX allows you to present yourself properly on the market and be in demand. Large companies use Customer Experience methodology in order to have a unique competitive advantage.

Wide opportunities for study and formation of shopping experience open the mobile app.

Application for loyal customers

Because regular customers actively use the mobile application for their ease. Therefore, the work on it should not be stopped after the releasing on the Market.

This is where the fun begins. You are closer to your customer and you are with him everywhere: in the hand, in the pocket, under the pillow. All the important moments in his life he now will spend with you. This is a great recognition of your company and, at the same time, a great responsibility which you are carrying now.

Your task is not only to strike up a lasting friendship with the client, but also to extend it for years. Use the mobile app to your marketing strategy.

Here’s how it works

Application – is an investment, not a fad or a trend, although its presence is already says a lot about the level of your business. It is used for any interaction of the company and the client, for example:

  • when making an online purchase by the client;
  • in perception of the content by user;
  • generation of the user content;
  • links to social networks, or service support;
  • in addressing other user tasks, along with the acquisition of services.

Mobile application helps the company to show incredible flexibility to information: that is, to render it to the right user at any time. For this to happen on a regular basis, you need to take care of the user come back to the application.

Constant interaction

Often, the application of many companies are not initially focused on the user’s come back. It means that the purpose of application for business and for user is not entirely thought out, and hence the design too. CX solves the problem of “burn-out of the audience”, typical for many applications. Learn what the client wants and give it to him.

It is important to remember that the user’s come back can be ensured by the correct application design. Push-messages client may get bored the client but interesting content always attracts. To make the client open application as often as possible, come up with additional useful for him solutions and update the application design.

For example, the main function of the application for a restaurant is the ability to order dishes and to make reservations. If the application will contain additional recipes, there willl be more comebacks.

Emotional connection

The mobile application is a tool for handling the emotions of customers. Show them that you are great together! If you can convince people that your work has been done with the soul and conscience, that you were thinking about people then the comebacks will not take long.

Brand atmosphere

Man has always wanted to be part of a great idea to identify himself with a particular philosophy and lifestyle. Branded CX – product impressions and emotions with the brand values. It occurs when a person, for example, becomes the owner of a new iPhone. And all because the brand and Apple products are perfect, what can say crowd of fans queuing for the new device.

Express your idea in a mobile application. The man who daily watches over its development, is also imbued by it. Moreover, it will help you in the development of this idea. Give the customer feeling that he is your inspiration.

Designer’s task is to connect brand values, the outer perfection and functionality in one application.

Personalized approach

This approach is carried out through

  • geolocation;
  • social networks.

The app allows you to be in touch with customers constantly and “personally”. When a user accesses your application the system will take into account his location, the search query, the preferences. You have a unique opportunity to make the client understand: he is the only one and all that you do is just for him.

Analysis and transfer of experience

In the modern world it is not enough to know the basic information about the client. You must always keep in mind that it changes. You need to consider the slightest changes in the cultural environment of the user, to know how to perceive your company. Then you will get additional leverages on the needs and opinions of potential buyers.

The mobile app is always in your customer’s hands. He can share data to help you to improve the quality of services and to capture trends and buying behavior.

Link in the application on the social networks. Firstly, they contain a lot more of customer information than you can get in any other way. Secondly, this information does not need to be asked for. It is shared voluntarily! Thirdly, you will be able to collect, report and monitor the comments about your services.

Advertising and content

Cost-effectiveness of advertising and communication is very important. The modern user is very fussy to advertising as such, but perceive the content easily. Especially when he can create it and show to others. Let him do it at any moment. If you do not have such function in your application so use only original content.

Promotions by means of the App are the most effective. They are the easiest way to render to the client. Encourage users by discount in the case of, for example, the order through the app, rather than through the site. So you can promote the application and turn occasional customers into regular.

The quality of the application

In the fierce struggle between the companies for every customer the quality of mobile applications can play a key role. The main thing here is to meet all the requirements of your applications customers’. Imagine for a moment that your mobile app is much more convenient and has more thoughtful functionality than the competitor one. Of course, the user selects yours. Otherwise, you should run to the designer of the UX-card.

If the mobile app – this is this very product, its quality determines the future success of the project. The producer sees it as a business project, whose ultimate aim is to profit from users downloads. This mobile application is aimed at the implementation of the current user’s daily tasks and will not be tied to the services of a particular company.

The far-sighted businessman would try to host customers not only with beautiful design and advertising, but also would provide application with such features without which users will no longer imagine their life. UX-designers will help to bring these features to the user and not to get lost in his own ideas.

User retention problem is solved by updating the software applications and features design, as well as a high level of promotion (social networks, leadpages, user reviews).

In this case, the convenience to download, install, understand and use, updates of the application create customer experience and the popularity of the following author’s projects, as well as the success of the current application are to depend on this.

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