UI-kit in mobile platforms

09 January 2017

While hearing this word (UI-kit), you, as a customer, might think that UI-kit – a trendy curse or a tricky term for which you require a lot of money. Indeed, the network is full of information for professionals and no intelligible word about what UI-kit means. Let’s see and we’ll explain what is it and for what it is used.

How not to be afraid the word “UI-kit”?

UI stands for «User interface» and kit is for «package».

Visually UI-kit is a graphical representation of a set of elements of the finished application screen with which the user performs various operations.

An example of a good UI-kit can be found here or here.

What is included in the UI-kit

The UI-kit depicts the elements of navigation and interaction.

1. Building blocks:

  • tabs;
  • application buttons;
  • social networks button;
  • indicators of progress;
  • flags in different states;
  • text fields;
  • keyboard;
  • sliders;
  • dialogues;
  • links;
  • fonts and text examples.

2. Internal application icons and symbols for control panels.
A feature of UI-kit is an image of the interface elements in all possible states. For example, a button can be in these states:

  • active (you can perform an action),
  • inactive (the action is not available),
  • confirmation of the action (the previous steps are OK, you can continue the operation),
  • wrong action (the error in the previous step, it is impossible to continue).

How our clients see it?

For mobile applications owners all of these dice, sliders and buttons are as a set of accessories that forms the aesthetic of applications. Beautiful design helps to sell.

How we see it?

For us, UI-kit – all the user interface elements that are created for all mobile application screens. UI-kit is done in the same style according to the design of the application and operating system standards.

UI-kit is a kind of art in the design of mobile applications. It can be created without reference to a specific project.

How UI-kit is used?

Interface Customization

UI-kit helps to create an individual and unique user interface taking into account all the characteristics of the application clients’ audience.

App Integration in Platforms Ecosystem

Besides the customization it is important that the mobile application looked and worked in the system as a native. The designer develops UI-kit, using the specification, the latest trends of interface design and updatings of mobile platforms.

Updating of the current design

With the release of the new version of mobile operating system, the application requires the replacement of obsolete items on a current without breaking the structure and application patterns. For this UI-kit is developed or more of its options and then update is released.

Aesthetics and style

Beautiful UI-kit creates the impression of an application and generates a positive user experience.

Design presentation to the client

Designer organizes his work and makes a visual presentation for the customer. UI-kit allows you to make an initial estimation and then to perform further refinement of screens.

UI-kit in mobile platforms specifications

Specifications – technical recommendations from manufacturers of operating systems for designers and developers of mobile applications. They contain all the standards for creating UI-kit. All the specifications for Android are available on Android developers, iOS – on Apple Developer.

Platforms’ guidelines define the basic parameters of UI-kit.

1. All parameters of building interface elements:

  • location;
  • construction of multi-level list;
  • building lists for horizontal and vertical scrolling;
  • fixed elements;
  • basic design parameters (size, position, filling);

2. Specifications for internal icons.

The main requirement here is not to copy icons from the interface to other platforms. For example, if an application for Android, you can not use the standard iOS elements.

Now that you know what the UI-kit

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