Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Agreement on confidentiality
App2World company engaged in the development of intangible products, so the storage of confidential information and restrict access to it is of particular importance for us and our customers. We use one-sided and mutual agreement kinds to protect any sensitive data type that can be used in the process.
The NDA agreements of App2World company are developed by legal professionals to prevent the disclosure of confidential information.
We have made a mechanism for running the client’s protection against disclosure of commercial data. Confidential information is divided on the level of the access and security. With employees having access to the security-enhanced information, additional documents may be signed. The contracts prescribed data that is commercial, and sanctions on the company and employees in the event of disclosure.
The agreement also referred to the terms of nondisclosure and the permissible grounds for disclosure.
Example of App2World Company NDA contract can be requested to the manager for review.
App2world The company provides services for:

  • developers;
  • companies;
  • agencies;
  • start-ups.

Most of our works are under NDA and banned from publication. The works on this site are published with a copyright holder permission.

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