About copyrights and commercial confidentiality

All materials on this site belong to the App2World or company’s customers.

We work within the Law of Ukraine On Copyright and Related Rights. Accordingly, we use of all possible methods of copyright protection in work and in placing the content on pages and resources owned by App2World.


Agreement on the transfering of intellectual property, art. 1113 Civil Code of Ukraine

All materials produced by App2World company are transferred to the customer under the intellectual property.

There we enumerate and explain all the types of licenses, which are operated by the App2World company in accordance with the Law of Ukraine.


Only the licenser owns the intellectual property materials.


Using of material with the permission of the licenser to demonstrate professional skills and capabilities.
With the permission of the client, we show works made for him and describe the case confidentially.


Partial use of the material with the permission of the licenser.
Anyone can share the content from app2world.com site for non-commercial purposes without any changing and using the active hyperlink to the original source.

Our use of third-party content

We use third-party content in two cases: in the project, when it is necessary for the customer to pick up high-quality graphics and video; in our own published materials with the purpose of acquaintance.
It means:

  • we buy the authors only licensed graphic content, which then we change to the project needs. Clients are provided all the licenses on purchase content.
  • all third-party content that may be on app2world.com site is published according to the rules of the authors and with reference to the original record.

Simply put, all materials relating to any App2World projects is an exclusive in its purest form.