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  • The project is devided into several iterations (sprints)
  • You can see the result of each iteration
  • You have an opportunity to make a pivot in time, before full implementation
  • Main features are made first to lean resourses


This combination allows us to satisfy all the cliens requirements.

How it works

1) We take the project under estimation and create technical task
2) Devide the project into sprints
3) Put the priority of each task in every sprint
4) Start implementing all the important tasks with high priority level
5) Fix time and budget
6) Launch the project
7) Confirm all tasks with low priority level
8) Start implementation
9) Release

  • On the first stage the project is spelled out in details and according to this the technical task is made
  • You get the estimation of the full project
  • Everything that is mentioned in the technical task is to be done in full volume
  • The release of the project is after all the features are implemebted

app2world.com waterfall metology


It is a flexible methodology of project management. The main idea is to make a limited amount of tasks simultaneously. This helps to see the blockers on the early stage so that you do not waste time on unimportant things and track the effectiveness

app2world.com SCRUM metology