2017 Mobile App Development Trends

27 March 2017

“We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” Albert Einstein

mobile app user The growing popularity of mobile applications forces developers to improve them constantly.

Modern world survived a lot of technological transformations to gain the most convenient and simple things. The technological wave has covered mobiles, and a a thousand variations of mobile app, which are produced permanently. The biggest problem is rapid development, which causes the big amount of low-quality applications on market spaces.

App2World proclaims: “It’s time to face the future, to provide our best to users.”

As the technology progress is on the rise, developers need to work harder to gratify users’ tastes. And mobile apps progressed a lot in last few years. All the new fascinating things are now just daily boredom killers attributes, yet some are also high-level gadgets (like Google Glass or Apple Watch). The purpose of mobile apps is to perform best service to the urban man and protect him from the cruel reality.

Some topical trends have been analysed by App2World. We think that every wise developer should check them before making the stunning mobile app in 2017.

Fresh App Development trends

1. Security Improvements

As the IoT forces the reality to be more connected in all ways, the gap in security systems is increases. Mobile wallets and banking, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) enterprise practices, the huge amount of mobile devices and other subjects, interacting with each other. All this makes a great challenge for the developers to provide high-level security for their apps. But every wise developer know that it worth the money. For instance, if the manager wants to use service like SmartMarket for business goals, he needs to be sure that the system is actually safe. Amplifying the security rate is the first thing that you should pay attention for.

2. Rapid Mobile Payments

Non contact payments become more popular in everyday life. For instance, Apple Pay and Google wallet are already on the markets, ready to provide advanced mobile payments. Google recently presented a new service for mobile payments by Gmail. Now you can make money operations by just adding a letter with payment request. Mobile payments are gaining popularity and continuing to expand. Android pay and Samsung pay are going to be released soon this year. And Amazon already embedded Alexa voice assistant into the iPhone shopping app. Simplifying digital payment is going to be a strong trend in the nearest future.

3. Android First

The world-old battle between Android and IOS systems seems to end up with a leader. Of course it’s statistics which doesn’t mention particular business preferences. For now Google Play counts twice more downloads than Apple Store. There are two reasons for popularity rise. First, is the progressing inner ecosystem of Android. The second is, the growth of China, India and Latin America markets, where the quantity of smartphones on Android overwhelms IOS.

4. Location-Based Services

Yes, this trend is still a powerful tool to use. It is obvious that person’s location makes a huge potential to provide him propositions from nearby companies.  Nowadays the location-based services are becoming popular among both users and enterprises. Make local propositions by adds and messages, wherever consumer is at the point. Get your goals directly and easily. This is certainly the service that you need to implement in your app in case you want to involve a solid cash in your purse.

5. The Power of IoT

Devices with inner-networking are the growing tendency for mobile devices, and it has no limit. IoT is the thing that best app developers should consider, as it is progresses exponentially. By next five years there would be billions of things and people connected together. And the growth of the Global IoT market by 2019 is going to be 30%. So there’s a clue that the IoT suppliers will win the bank in the world of integrated multi-system devices.

6. Head In the Cloud

We all know about Google Drive, or Dropbox, or other service that help us store the data simple without any additional devices. And the better storage is not the only option. Don’t forget about reliability, scalability, power processing capability, sharing options advantages, etc. This is productive app development platform, which can accelerate development process and make an easy execution of cloud technology in mobile apps.

7. Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR are well known long before the appearing of Pokemon Go on the market. But the game stimulated the new wave of interest to this niche. The Vr devices are tended to improve constantly. For example: Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. For now, unfortunately, this isn’t too profitable investments. All because the methods and the technology haven’t found each other yet. On the other hand, similar projects continue to appear and actively evolve, but this will probably take at least a year for entrepreneurs to learn how to make money and benefits from VR applications.

8. Micro Applications

It is certainly topical trend of splitting the large multi functional projects into narrowly focused solutions. For instance: Foursquare and Swarm, Facebook and Messenger. Instagram has released a whole bunch of applications for editing photos and video: Hyperlapse, Layout, Boomerang. And, by the way, App2World have made the design of photo editor called Avatars. VKontakte launched a separate channel called VK Live after a long period of testing live broadcasts on it’s website. Soon we will see even more new functions from global brands, realized in separate applications.

9. Process optimization

More and more companies will optimize their internal processes with the applications. Over the past couple of years, large corporations have begun to treat mobile applications not only as an additional channel of sales and loyalty enhancement, but also as a way to optimize inner procedures. Applications for couriers, logistics, merchandisers, HR managers and others – all of this already exists. Development for domestic needs will become even greater In 2017.

10. Machine Learning

The 2016 year was known as the year of neural network applications entertainment. Let’s mention the popularity of MSQRD, Prisma, Mlvch, Fabby, FindFace. And the experimental game called “Quick, Draw!” made by Google just fueled interest to neural networks capabilities. However, the potential of the sphere is way more wider than just fun apps for processing photos and videos. Now companies are interested in machine learning for business tasks implementation. The minus is that it requires constant research and algorithm improving, that takes money and time.


The future provides us a huge amount of opportunities and custom services, that bring a digital communication and business on a new level. Trends are not just fashion, they dictate the new law of quality in mobile and web solutions. So the mobile app developer should constantly improve his skills in order to stay demanded. Saddle the wave to build effective development business today.

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