We Are Digitally Inspired

App2World team is united and inspired by the mission – to efface the boundaries between man and technologies with the help of the visual designing of their interaction instruments.

Visual Mobile Design

appleiconApplication design for iPhone, iPad and iWatch

Application design for iPhone, iPad and iWatch

The experience of designing for social-oriented, entertaining, educating mobile apps for OS and iOS.

androidiconMobile apps for Android smartphones and tablets.

Material design of apps for smartphones and tablets on Android

The expertise of our company is entertainment and financial apps on Android mobile platform.

+ Adaptive web-design

webiconUX/UI design and Web development

App2World works every day for the total audience in million users of digital-projects of leading companies advancing existed and carrying out new products, start ups and services.

Adaptive design is one of the key expertisee of our company, giving to user easy access to difficult interfaces on any devices screens.


Short Content of the Presentation

The purpose of this document is to brief you on all important data about the company and to show briefly all the advantages of outsourcing design even having design-department in the company. Here is prepared the full information about abilities of the company and the real confirmation on example of our works.




Everyone has an idea, but we make it happen. Let’s talk concept, strategy, value proposition. So far, so good. But will users want it?


Let’s figure out what works and what needs work. User research on the product, usability, and messaging. But can it serve users and the business?


The goal: make it usable and make it convert.


Pixel perfect, unique, and more than just pretty. From branding to interface design, it needs to work. Can we swing that?


Heck yes. Every interface as functional as it is beautiful. Clean, bug-free code on launch. Is it time to break out the champagne?


Not so fast, friend. Users will want your product to keep up with their ever-changing demands, so you’ll need to test, test, and test.



Mobile first is touted by some really big names in our industry. Jeremy Keith, Brad Frost, and Mr Mobile First himself Luke Wroblewski has all repeatedly pushed for a mobile first design approach.

By starting mobile first with your responsive website you are able to make the tough decisions about the content. Mobile first often lends itself to a linear layout model, although this is a general truth and not necessarily a rule.

Our Industries


We’ve experienced in medical sphere very successfully, so we can easily deal with it


This field is so popular that is is always difficult to find best solution but we do!


We make every app cutting edge so that it could always be in the ‘top’


We are proud to have in our portfolio such kind of works, because it is always a challenge

Web for brands

It is always a great responsibility to work with big corporations, but such kind of works are also our pride

We provide solutions that open up new possibilities, for:

Over the years, turned to us for help individuals and legal entities, including the well-known person and company. We appreciate the trust – it’s worth it.

app2world.com clients logotypes

Our clients = Our partners

Each our client is our partner, because we do not manage projects as it is our work, but we take care of them like they are our own.
We have great partners. Most of them come from the markets of the CIS, Europe.
We have partnered with start ups that became ‘the top’ and big companies that were already well known. It is always a challenge but we are happy to find perfect solutions, so that’s the main reason why we are chosen.

Trusted by Enterprise and Agencies

Over the years, turned to us for help individuals and legal entities, including the well-known person and company. We appreciate the trust – it’s worth it.

You have chosen to work with us as a team. As the product owner and ultimate decision maker you have the most important role. Your experience in product design, entrepreneurship, software design & working with engineers will be huge factors in the project velocity, cost and outcome.

We aren’t dogmatic about any specific flavor of “Agile”, but we do believe in the core concepts of; working functionality over documentation, good people and teams over rigid process, and letting teams self organize in the manner they feel is best for the success of the project.

Completes a variety of tasks during the given time depending on what comes up and what problems need to be solved. The manager will shield you from explaining the same stuff to different people hundred times in a row and will care the project during the whole implementation period.


  • The project is devided into several iterations (sprints)
  • You can see the result of each iteration
  • You have an opportunity to make a pivot in time, before full implementation
  • Main features are made first to lean resourses


This combination allows us to satisfy all the cliens requirements.

How it works

1) We take the project under estimation and create technical task
2) Devide the project into sprints
3) Put the priority of each task in every sprint
4) Start implementing all the important tasks with high priority level
5) Fix time and budget
6) Launch the project
7) Confirm all tasks with low priority level
8) Start implementation
9) Release

  • On the first stage the project is spelled out in details and according to this the technical task is made
  • You get the estimation of the full project
  • Everything that is mentioned in the technical task is to be done in full volume
  • The release of the project is after all the features are implemebted

app2world.com waterfall metology


It is a flexible methodology of project management. The main idea is to make a limited amount of tasks simultaneously. This helps to see the blockers on the early stage so that you do not waste time on unimportant things and track the effectiveness

app2world.com SCRUM metology

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